East Gwent


Teams train for 1 to 2 hours each week during the season. Some teams train midweek evenings, whilst others train on Saturday mornings. If your child is interested in playing football please e-mail the club or contact the coach directly.


Mini football is a small sided version of the association football game. Player substitution is roll on roll off at any time and there are no penalties. Mini football games (U8 to U11) are played on Sunday Mornings. Kick-off time is between 10am and 11am.

Competitive youth games (U12s to U16s) are 11 a side with up to 5 substitutes. Games are played on Sunday. Kick-off times vary depending on pitch availability. In competitive youth football, games are either 35 minute or 40 minute each half. Offside and penalty rules are as per the adult game.


Age Group Number of Players Maximum pitch size Goal area (yards) Ball size
U7 4 a side 30 x 20 none 3
U8 5 a side 30 x 20 5 3
U9 6 a side 40 x 30 8 3
U10 7 a side 60 x 40 10 4
U11 8 a side 60 x 40 10 4
U12 9 a side 70 x 44 12 x 28 4

Mini Football

  • The goalkeeper can handle the ball in their goal area and there are no restrictions on the number of steps they may take holding the ball.
  • The goalkeeper can leave the goal area but cannot handle the ball outside the penalty area.
  • Under 7s, 8s and 9s can either throw or kick the ball out of their hands.
  • Under 10s and 11s can only throw the ball out of their hands

Youth Football

  • 11 a side games with up to 5 substitutes.
  • All substitutes are roll on roll off with the referees permission.
  • Linesmans/referees assistant’s role is to advise the referee when the ball is out of play and which side has the throw-in.
  • Offside rule and penalty rule applies,
  • Players must be registered 72 hours before the game.